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Objectives and Purpose of the Geomatics Student Association


Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of Geomatics / Surveying and Mapping as an ideal profession, the Geomatics Student Association (GSA) was organized to recognize the characteristics of an individual deemed to be fundamental to the successful pursuit of a career in Geomatics, and to aid in the development of those characteristics in the Geomatics student.


Geomatics, an application of scientific and mathematical principles to the practical needs of society, is assuming a constantly increasing responsibility for the physical well-being of all people, and thus calling for competence of the highest order. This responsibility can be discharged only by a professional group whose members possess a good basic technical ability, intelligence, moral integrity, and effective social pose in their relationship with the larger community of which they are a part. To contribute to the improvement of the profession, GSA fosters the development and exercise of sound traits of character and technical ability among Geomatics / Surveying and Mapping students, by precept and example, toward an even higher standard of professional service.


The GSA holds monthly meetings with an emphasis on working and coordinating with our parent organizations. We strive to send representatives to all of the national conferences. All this is supported by an outstanding faculty, supportive alumni, professional societies and, of course, the students.


The Geomatics Students Association office is located in Room 310 Reed Lab.


Mailing Address:

Geomatics Program Office

304 Reed Lab

University of Florida

P.O Box 110565

Gainesville FL 32611-0565


Phone: (352) 392 9493

Fax:     (352) 392 4957



If you are interested in supporting the Geomatics Students Association, you can purchase branded shirts and hats at:


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