School of Forest Resources and Conservation

SUR 4430: Surveying and Mapping Practice


Instructor : Dr. David W. Gibson

304 Reed Lab, P.O Box 110565

University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611-0565

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*Note: To view lectures, click on the link for streaming video.

*Note: The links to the solution videos will be made active after the HW due date posted in ELearning.   


Module 1: Intro to Professional Surveying

Lecture: Professionalism Concepts    (Pract02)                                                  Q2

Assign: HW Attend Professional Business Meeting


Module 2: Survey Costs, Estimates, Deliverables

Lecture: An Econometric Model for Surveying     Lecture Outline Doc                 Q1

Sample Excel Field Notes, Sample Excel Closure Computations

Lecture: Content of a Survey Drawing     (Pract01)                                           Q3

Sample Report Document   (write your survey reports in this format)


Module 3: "Job #1” – Frost's Survey

Assign: HW Frost Quote    Research.doc     Field Sheet.jpg   

Assign: HW Frost Survey

Lecture: Frost's Survey Solution Video (*see note above)                                     Q4


Module 4: Regulation of the Surveying Profession

Lecture: Laws Regulating Surveying    (Pract03)                                               Q10

(NOTE: This lecture describes Ch472 before the inclusion of photogrammetry under regulation and the name change of the practice act to "Surveying and Mapping.")  Refer to the "History and Development" lecture for details.


Lecture: History and Development of the Surveying Profession                            Q5

Assign: HW History and Development of the Surveying Profession


Lecture: Administrative Rules Governing Surveying   (Pract04)

Link to today's Florida Statutes:  or Link to Florida's Regulatory Board:  Or Navigate: Government    Executive Branch Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Licensing Permits and Registration, Surveyors and Mappers  Statutes and Rules Ch 472 or 5J17 (formerly 61G17)

Lecture: Licensure Exam Application                                                               Q6a

Assign: HW Exam Application

Lecture: Disciplinary Process                                                                              Q9 


Module 5: "Job #2” – Palm Court      

Lecture: Surveying in a Monumented Subdivision          (Pract09)                       Q8

Assign: HW Palm Court Quote      Research.doc     Field Sheet.jpg

Assign: HW Palm Court Survey

Lecture: Palm Court Solution Video (*see note above)                                         Q7


Module 6: Survey Standards

Lecture: MTS Survey Review                  Lecture Case Sketch: *.jpg                  Q6

Assign: HW MTS Review          Survey1.jpg      Survey2.jpg       Survey3.jpg

Lecture: The ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Standards                                    Q13

Lecture: Least Squares for ALTA/ACSM                                                          Q17a


Module 7: "Job #3” – Gardens East

Lecture: Surveying in a Protracted Subdivision             (Pract10)                       Q12

Assign: HW Gardens East Quote  

Research.doc   Field Sheet.jpg        Plat.jpg    

Assign: HW Gardens East Survey

Lecture:   Gardens East Solution Video(*see note above)                                     Q11


Midterm Examination covers Modules 1-7, all lectures and HWs in these modules. 

30 M/C questions, one hour to complete. 


Module 8: Ethics and Liability

Lecture: Professional Ethics                                                                            Q14

Assign: HW Professional Ethics      0.jpg    1.jpg    2.jpg      3.jpg     4. jpg     5. jpg

Lecture: Professional Negotiations and Intro Liability        (Pract05)                          Q15

Lecture: Contract and Tort Liability       (Pract06)                                            Q16

Lecture: Third Party Liability, Certifications (first 1/3 of lecture video)(Pract07)   Q17


Module 9: The Surveyor in Court

Lecture: Surveyor in Court (Last 2/3 of the above lecture video) (Pract07)        Q19

Lecture: The Flow of a Court Case                                                                   Q20            

Lecture: The Trial Experience                                                                         Q21


Module 10: "Job #4” – Warner Road

Assign: HW Warner Road Parcel B Quote   Research.doc   Field Sheet.jpg 

Assign: HW Warner Rd Parcel B Survey

Lecture: Warner Road Solution Video(*see note above)                                      Q18


Module 11: Surveying and Mapping for Government

Lecture: Lecture Notes: RFP Mapping Process – Jeremy Conner                       

Assign: HW Mapping RFP     Rating Form     Sample Proposal  


Module 12:  "Job #5” – Edwards v. Cicatello

Assign: HW Edwards v. Cicatello Survey  (no quote on this one)

Research.doc       Field Sheet.jpg      

Plat Drawing.jpg  Plat Certification.jpg   Lot 21 Survey.jpg  

Lecture: Edwards v. Cicatello Solution (*doc only, no video)             (no quiz)                                           


Module 13: Intro to the Public Land Survey System PLSS

Lecture: PLSS History and Equipment            (Princ25)                                           Q22

Lecture: PLSS Follow the Footsteps      (Princ27)                                           Q23

Lecture: PLSS Running PLSS Lines -- Equipment and Markings          (Pract13)       Q24


Module 14: "Job #6” – Section 9, T9S, R23E Research

Lecture: Researching GLO Information

Assign: HW Research GLO Information

Research Info: Melrose Quad Sheet, Randolph Plat T9S R23E 1853,

McKay Field Notes 1850, A. W. Brown Notes 1929 #1, A. W. Brown Notes 1929#2,

A. W Brown Notes 1929#3, McKay Plat T10S R23E 1950


Module 15: USPLS Products, Retracement, Protraction

Lecture: Products of the PLSS, Scribes, Field Notes, Plat   (Pract14)                Q25

Lecture: USPLSS Platting, Proving a Corner   (Pract15)                                  Q26

Lecture: Protraction of a Township Plat          (Pract16)                                           Q27




FINAL EXAM:  Covers Module 1-15 lectures and HWs, 60 M/C questions, 2 hrs to complete.                           Review Document for Final





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