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SUR 3641: Surveying Computations


Instructor : Dr. David W. Gibson

304 Reed Lab, P.O Box 110565

University of Florida , Gainesville FL 32611-0565

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Course Objectives:  Following this course, the student should be able to

  1. Compute coordinates of survey points by applying angles, distances, bearings, azimuths.
  2. Perform algebra and trigonometry operations on equations to "solve" for unknown quantities
  3. Compute survey coordinates by standard "COGO" operations called "traversing", "inversing", "bearing-bearing intersection", "bearing-distance intersection", "distance-distance intersection", and "resection".
  4. Calculate survey data by applying basic theory without software using a hand-held calculator similar to those approved for the board exams.
  5. Calculate survey data by applying basic theory in Microsoft "Excel" spreadsheet software.
  6. Calculate quantities of figures such as perimeters, areas, volumes. 
  7. Solve survey calculations such as "pre-determined areas", "missing traverse parts", "compound and reverse curves", and "radius calculations."
  8. Apply analytic geometry and matrix methods in survey calculations.


Algebra Review

View:    Lecture 1: Algebra Review and Assessment
Assign:  HW1 Algebra Review,      jpg1     jpg2     jpg3    jpg4
  HW1 Solution: here

Module 2 

Trigonometry Review

View:    Lecture 2: Intro to Excel, Trig Review
Assign:  HW2 Trig Review and Excel
View:    Lecture 3: Triangle Trig Review--Right and Oblique Triangles
Assign:  HW3 Triangle Trig Review
  HW3 Trigonometry Review Problems

Module 3 

Traverse Angles Closure Balancing

View:    Lecture 4: Traverse Angles, Bearings, Azimuths – interior, exterior, deflection, clockwise, bearings, azimuths, reverse bearings, reverse azimuths, traverse angle closure, angle balancing.
View: Lecture 5: Closed Traverse Computations –latitudes, departures, coordinates, balance by compass rule, balanced lengths and azimuths   
Assign: HW4 Closed Traverse
  HW4 Solution: here

Module 4

Geometry and Units

View:    Lecture 6: Geometry Formulas – trig formulas and identities, perimeters, lineal, areas, volumes.
View: Lecture 7: Units of Measure and Significant Figures – measurement, area, English, metric, conversions, significant figures in computations.
Assign: HW5 Formulas and Units
  HW5 Solution: here

Module 5

Basic COGO

View: Lecture 8: Introduction to COGO (also used in the basic surveying class) – history of COGO, COGO languages, seven prominent COGO functions: STORE POINT, TRAVERSE, INVERSE, AREA, BEARING-BEARING INT, DISTANCE-DISTANCE INT, BEARING DISTANCE INT. Note: This is a "REAL MEDIA" video file. You must have "REAL PLAYER" on your computer.
View: Lecture 9: COGO Program Demonstration – all functions have been reduced to "icons" – to "automate" the process.  However, after this demonstration, we will be "doing it by hand".  Note: This is a "REAL MEDIA" video file. You must have "REAL PLAYER" on your computer. 
View: Lecture 10: Store Point and Traversing -- developing an "Excel" COGO calculator", loci, angle conversions (COGO1)
View: Lecture 11: Inversing and Bearing-Bearing Formula  -- theory of inversing and bearing-bearing intersection by formula (COGO2) ALSO a 10 minute session  on ATAN2 – a useful Excel function for inversing.
Assign: HW6 COGO Traverse Inverse
  HW6 Solution: here
View: Lecture 12: COGO Bearing-Bearing by Oblique Triangles, Distance-Distance by Oblique Triangles – theory of bearing-bearing and distance-distance intersection  by oblique triangles. (COGO3)
View: Lecture 13: COGO Bearing-Distance by Oblique Triangles, Traverse Area – theory of bearing-distance intersection, area computation (COGO4)
Assign:  HW7 Subdivision 1 Intersection Problems         COGO Data Sheet
  HW7 Solution: here

Midterm Exam

Covering Modules 1-5, HW 1-7

  Midterm Sample Problems: here
  Midterm Sample Solutions: here

Module 6

Advanced COGO Operations

View: Lecture 14: Foot of Perpendicular, Horizontal Curve Calculations – finding the "foot of perpendicular" from a point, theory of horizontal curves and the      calculation of curve quantities. (COGO5)
View: Lecture 15: Pre-determined Areas – calculate figures where the area must be a certain value, line shift, line rotate. (COGO6)
Assign: HW8 Subdivision 2 Curves Pre-determined Area    COGO Data Sheet
  HW8 Solution: here
View: Lecture 16: Resection – Determining the location of a "free point" by the measurement of angles only, resection. (COGO7)
View: Lecture 17: Compound and Reverse Curves – tangent circular curves, reversed curves, compound curves.(COGO8)
Assign: HW9 Subdivision 3 Resection and Compound/Reverse Curves  COGO Data Sheet
  HW9 Solution: here
View: Lecture 18: Traverse Areas with Curves, Missing Traverse Parts (missing B/B, missing B/D, missing D/D, missing D known area, missing B known area.)
Assign: HW10 Subdivision 4 Lot Dimensions       COGO Data Sheet
  HW10 Solution: here

Module 7

Circle Calculations

View: Lecture 19: Circle Calculations I – calculating curves to fit special situations, thru 3 points, thru two points tangent to a line (COGO9)
View: Lecture 20: Circle Calculations II – tangent to two lines through a point, tangent to three lines, tangent to two lines tangent to a circle (COGO11)
View: Lecture 21: Circle Calculations III -- thru two points tangent to a circle, thru one point tangent to two circles, thru a point tangent to a line tangent to a circle (COGO12)
View: Lecture 22: Circle Calculations IV --  tangent to a line tangent to two circles, tangent to three circles (Apollonian Problem)  (COGO13)
Assign: HW11 Circle Calculations
  HW11 Solution: here

Module 8

Analytic Geometry Methods

View: Lecture 23: Analytic Geometry Solving Equations – one equation one unknown, quadratic equation, two linear equations, two unknowns, higher power equations, two equations two unknowns 
View: Lecture 24: Analytic Geometry Line Circle Intersections – equation of a line, equation of a circle, line-line intersection (BB), line-circle intersection (BD), circle-circle intersection (DD).
View: Lecture 25: DMD, Cross Multiply, Criss-Cross – calculate areas by DMD, derive the cross multiply method, study the criss-cross method.
Assign: HW12 Analytic Geometry
  HW12 Solution: here

Module 9

Coordinate Transformations

View: Lecture 26: Coordinate System Transformations – scaling, translation, rotation.
Assign: HW13 Coordinate Transformations
  HW13 Solution: here

Module 10

Matrix Basics and Applicaitons

View: Lecture 27: Intro to Matrix Methods of Computation – matrix addition,  subtraction, multiplication, inversion, determinates. 
View: Lecture 28: Application of Matrix Methods to Survey Computations – Bearing-Bearing Intersection, Coordinate Transformations.
Assign: HW14 Matrix Calculations
  HW14 Solution: here


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