School of Forest Resources and Conservation

SUR 3103: Geomatics

(Measurement and Mapping)

Instructor : Dr. David W. Gibson

304 Reed Lab, P.O Box 110565

University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611-0565

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Readings are from the required course text:  The text is:  Elementary Surveying, 12th Edition, Wolf and Ghilani, Prentiss Hall. (10th Edition or later)



Course Overview:  Lectures and the text will cover background theory and concepts.  In the Homework we will (1) find or establish geodetic control points, (2) set up a four sided "parcel" near the base control point, (3) measure the parcel's distances and angles, (4) compute the closure, balancing and area of the parcel, (5) "geo-reference" the parcel by "tying" it to the control and computing geodetic coordinates of the corners, (6) measure the corner elevations, (7) make a planimetric map of the surrounding features, (8) make a contour map of the ground surface, (9) take GPS measurements of the corner positions, (10) convert the GPS coordinates to the same datum as our traverse calculations and compare, (11) make a series of AutoCAD sketches and maps of the site as measurement data is taken.  


At the end of the 1st week, we have two HW assignments due, but thereafter, we have one per week.  The course is self paced – please work ahead.  The only dates set are the MIDTERM and FINAL exams.  You need to have the lectures, lecture quizzes, and HW assignments done by those times.  

Module:               Course Intro, Computation, Algebra and Trig Review

Lecture: Intro Geomatics    

Read:                   Ch 1 (all), Chap 2: sec 1-5.      Text Problems: 2:2-7, 13-15    Quiz: QIntro

Lecture:                Trig Review and Excel I

Read:                    (no text reading)                      Text Problems: none               Quiz:  QExc1

Assign:                 HWExc1  Trig Review and Excel 1

Assign:                 HWMent    Mentor Form


Module:               Measurement Theory, Distance Measurement, Project Site

Lecture:               Measurement Theory                       

Read:                    Ch 3:1-16.                               Text Problems:  3:1-15            Quiz: QMeas

Assign:                     HW20Meas


Lecture                 Distance Measurement                              

Read:                    Ch 6:1-10                                Text Problems:  6:1-6              Quiz: QDist

Lecture:                Taping                                                                 

Read:                    Ch 6:11-16                              Text Problems:  6:7-12            Quiz: QTape

Lecture:                Finding NGS Control Pts.          

Read:                    Ch 19:11                                 Text Problems: none               Quiz: QCntrl

Lecture:                Total Stations, EDMs  

Read:                    Ch 6:17-23, Chap 8:1-5          Text Problems: 6:26-34           Quiz: QTotS

Lecture:                AutoCAD Sketch Project Site

Read:                    None                                       Text Problems: none                Quiz: QAcad1

Assign:                 HWProj  Set Up Your Project Site, Measure Distances, Sketch Site                            


Module:               Leveling 

Lecture:                Differential Levels

Read:                    Ch Read: Chap 4:6-14, 5:1-5  Text Problems:  5:9-13            Quiz: QDiffL

Lecture:                Leveling Theory                     

Read:                    Ch 4: 1-5                                 Text Problems:  4:1-19            Quiz: QTrigL

Assign:                 HWLev  Leveling Your Project


Module:               Angles, Bearings, Azimuths 

Lecture:                Angle Meas.                                  

Read:                    Ch 8:1, 7‑14. Appendix A:3-5 Text Problems:  8:12-13, 20-24  Quiz: QAngM

Lecture:                Traverse Angles, Azimuths              

Read:                    Ch 7: (all), Chap 9 (all)           Text Problems:  7:5-25, 9:9-14   Quiz: QTravA

Assign:                 HWAng  Project Angle Measurement 


Module:               Traverse Closure, Balancing, Area, and Mapping

Lecture:                Excel 2 Traverse Inverse

Read:                    none                                        Text Problems: none               Quiz: QExc2

Lecture:                Traverse Closure                           

Read:                    Ch 10:1-6                                Text Problems: 10:1-13           Quiz: QTClos

Lecture:                Traverse Adjustment and Area  

Read:                    Ch 10:7-11,Ch 16:1,Ch 12: 1-5        Text Probs: 10:14-23,12:7,22-23 Quiz: QTBal

Lecture:                AutoCAD Map Traverse   

Read:                    None                                     Text Problems: none               Quiz: QAcad2

Assign:                 HWTrav      Traverse Closure Balancing and Area  


MIDTERM EXAM: Covering all Modules through Traverse Comps               


Module                Mapping: Theory, Planimetric, Topographic

Lecture:                Intro. to Projections 

Read:                    Chap 20 1-5, 12-13                 Text Problems: 20: 25-28        Quiz QMapP

Lecture:                USGS Quad Sheets

Read:                    Chap 17 (all)                           Text Problems: 17:1-11, 22-24  Quiz QQuad      

Lecture:                Topographic Mapping 

Read:                    Chap 16:1-10.                         Text Problems: 16: 1-13          Quiz QTopo

Lecture:                AutoCAD Map Planimetry

Read:                    None                                     None                                      Quiz: None

Assign:                 HWPlanM    Project Planimetric Mapping

Lecture:                AutoCAD Map Contours

Read:                    None                                     None                                      Quiz: None

Assign:                 HWTopoM    Project Contour Mapping 


Module:               GPS 

Lecture:                GPS #1                                  

Read:                    Chap 13:1-6                                      Text Problems: 13:1-20           Quiz: QGps1

Lecture:                GPS #2                               

Read:                    Chap 13:7-11, 14: all              Text Problems: 13:21-26                  Quiz: QGps2

Assign:                 HWGpsM       Project GPS Measurements                     


Module:               Basic Geodesy and Map Projections

Lecture:                Geodesy #1   

Read:                    Chap 19:1-5                                      Text Problems: 19:1-15           Quiz: QGdsy1

Lecture:                Geodesy #2  

Read:                    Chap 19:6-11 15-17                Text Problems: 19:1-15, 40-42         Quiz: QGdsy2

Assign:                 HWGpsC     Project GPS Coordinate Conversions and Comparisons 


Module:              Final Mapping

Lecture:                Final Map Drafting

Read:                   none                                       Text Problems: none               Quiz: None

Assign:                 HWFinalM: Final Map


FINAL EXAM: Covering all Modules   




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