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SUR 4201: Route Geometrics and Design

Instructor : Dr. David W. Gibson

303 Reed Lab, P.O Box 110565

University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611-0565

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Distance Education Exam PROCTOR'S Instructions

On-campus students will have the two midterms MT1 and MT2 and the final on campus 211CSE- check eLearning for dates and times

Additional lecture notes before MT1: here These are computations on cases similar to the HWs. Use for reference.

Additional lecture notes after MT1: here

 NOTE: On all Excel HW submissions download and use the HW TEMPLATE.  Keep all your data between columns A and O.  Material outside of this will not be graded.  Also, submit only one worksheet containing all work: calcs. , design discussion, and charts.  If you cut/paste into the template,  I must see your formulas, not just values. NOTE: If you develop your spreadsheet in your own worksheet start your computation work at about line 30 so when you copy/paste into the template at line 30 your "absolute" cell addresses will still work.

No required course text, but optional course reference: Elementary Surveying, 12th Edition, Wolf and Ghilani, Prentiss Hall. (10th Edition or later)


Module 1: Mapping the Corridor, Base Line Control Traverse, Angles, Azimuths       

Lecture 1:  Intro to Route Geometrics and Design

Lecture 2:  Angles, Azimuths, Bearings

Lecture 3:  Base Line Control Traverse   

Assignment: HW1 Baseline Control Traverse        HW1 Solution Document: here


Module 2:  Horizontal Alignment Design and Calculation

Lecture 4:  Horizontal Alignments and Curves    

Lecture 5:  Horizontal Route Design Calculations, Horizontal Baseline Plotting

Assignment: HW2 Horizontal Route Design         HW2 Solution Document :here


Module 3:  Vertical Alignment Design and Calculation

Lecture 6:  Profiles and Vertical Route Tangents

Lecture 7: Vertical Curve Theory      

Lecture 8: Vertical Alignment Design     

Assignment:  HW3 Vertical Route Design           HW3 Solution Document: here


Module 4: Cross Sections and Volumes

Lecture 9: Plotting Cross Sections               

Lecture 10: Design Typical Sections           

Lecture:11: End Areas  

Lecture 12: Earthwork Volume Calculations    

Lecture 13: Surface Models, TIN

Assignment: HW4 Cross Sections and Volumes         HW4 Solution Document: here 


Midterm Quiz 1 (on Modules 1, 2, 3, 4): 

You may use anything on paper that you did yourself: lecture notes, printouts of your Excel HW 

spreadsheets, hand written formula sheets, notes from references

Midterm Quiz 1 Presolution: SR25 Case: here    SR25 Selected Answers: here      Review Info:  here

Previous Midterm Sample Exam:  here

Old HW Solution videos: HW2, HW3, HW4.


We will use SR25 as the project for HWs 5, 6, 7

Module 5:  Spirals

Lecture 14: Intro to Spirals                     

Lecture 15: Spiral Comps and Formulas 2&3   

Lecture 16: Insertion of Spirals                       

Lecture 17: Spirals Design Processes

Assignment:  HW5 Spirals     spiral sketch and formulas     HW5 Solution Doc: here  

Here’s data for Vd of 45mph (not the final answer) to check your spreadsheet calcs:

HW5 Selected Data for Vd 45mph


Module 6:   Superelevation

Lecture 18: Intro to Superelevation, Eq              

Lecture 19: Superelevation Design Standards

Lecture 20: Superelevation Transitions             

Access FDOT/AASHTO Design Standards:, pick Government, Executive Branch, FDOT, OFFICES (left list), Roadway Design, STANDARDS (bottom of page), latest Standards Booklet S, 500 Series, 510.pdf.    Or go directly:

Assignment: HW6 Superelevation           HW6 Solution Doc: here  


Module 7:  Quantities and Earthwork Analysis

Lecture 21: Intro to Quantities, Earthwork     

Lecture 22: Mass Diagram Construction     

Lecture 23: Mass Diagram Analysis

NOTE:  For Lecture 23, FIRST, printout these two *.jpgs.  Mass Diagram 1, Mass Diagram 2

Do the graphical construction on paper as I do on the videos – you'll learn much more!!!    

Assignment:  HW7 Earthwork Analysis        HW7 Solution Document:  here


Midterm Quiz 2:   (on Modules 5, 6, and 7)

Presolution Quiz 2 are your HW5, HW6, HW7 all pertaining to SR25.  You may use anything on paper that you did yourself: lecture notes, printouts of your Excel HW spreadsheets, hand written formula sheets, notes from references, HW printouts.   ALSO bring:   

(1)printout of the Spiral Formula sheet, and printout of the                            

          (2)FDOT/AASHTO superelevation design standard *.510             

                                        Review Document

Previous Midterm Sample Exam:  here


Module 8:   AASHTO Geometric Design Standards

Lecture 24: Geometric Design Standards   

Lecture 25: Sight Distance Design    

Lecture 26: Safe Road Evaluation

Assignment: HW8 Safe Road Analysis          our last HW!!


Sources for AASHTO's "Green Book" – HW8 requires reference to the Green Book.  AASHTO sells the

Book and it is not on line. Here's how to get access:

(1) I've placed a copy in 304 Reed Lab on reserve in the bookshelf just to the left inside the door.

You may use the manual in 304 Reed and make copies of a few pages.  or

(2) Find the FDOT's "Florida Green Book FGB" on line in the Roadway Design office:  

This is condensed from AASHTO's book for use in Florida.


Module 9:  A Route Project Time Line and Plan Set

Lecture 27: A Route Project Time Line    

Lecture 28: Review of Plans 1 (view with Windows Media Player)

Lecture 29: Review of Plans 2 (view with Windows Media Player)

                                                 (you may view these lectures alongside the plan set scan below)

                   Review of Plans 2 Excel (watch this video, take notes, bring your notes to the

                    final.  The Excel file will not be Posted)                               

Lecture 30: Right of Way Acquisition (not assigned)    

Lecture 31: Construction Layout Surveys (not assigned)

Plan Set: Bearss Ave Route Plans    


Final Exam (covering Modules 1 thru 9 (Lectures 1-29))

Presolution for Final:  The final will be completely based on Bearss Ave. 

You must bring printouts of the Bearss Ave plans (download *.jpgs found above online)

And you may use anything you've done yourself on paper: your hand written lecture notes, HW printouts, pre-solution calculations and notes on Bearss Ave.  Also bring FDOT Chart 510 for superelevation values.    

                                                     Review for Final

Previous Final Exam Questions:  Q1, Q2, New




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